Where/What to Learn Data Analytics?

6 Courses from Maven Analytics to Boost Your Data Analytics Portfolio

Maven Analytics has an entire course library 100% free for a week till 31st October 2023

Suraj Ghimire, MSc
4 min readOct 26, 2023


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In the last two years, I have interacted with over 100+ graduates and professionals willing to pursue their careers as data analysts. Transiting as a Data Analyst can be challenging. Aspirants share their pain and are always curious about what resources to learn. While New graduates say they have limited savings to spend and prefer free resources, professionals find they have limited weekday time for skilling or self-study.

The profession of Data is dynamic, and new tools/methods evolve in the blink of an eye. Balancing the learning part is crucial as work-life balance. I, too, learn every day. I had a permanent job at a reputed financial company, yet I kept learning and successfully passed two Microsoft certifications in 2023.

In this series, I will use my learning experiences and feedback from various aspirants to let you know what type of resources would be helpful.

This post is for aspirants/beginners and professionals looking to transition their careers in data analytics. Since Maven Analytics provides free course access through Oct 31st, I will cover the courses available on Maven Analytics.

I recommend the courses on the following topics to start.

Thinking Like an Analyst (Duration 5 Hours): This is an entry-level crash course for anyone looking to build the foundation for a successful career. Going through this course will help you understand the overview of data analytics.

MySQL Data Analysis (Duration 8 Hours): SQL is the most essential part of Data Analysis, so I want to keep it before Excel/Spreadsheet. This course will help you go through setup, single table analysis, and analyze table with join. This also includes projects. By the end of the period, you should be good to start with SQL.

Excel Formulas & Functions (Duration 16 Hours): This is a long course, but be free to choose what you only need and skip the part you already know. Work on the final assessment to see if you are…



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