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Will YouTube act against viral videos targeted at children, the LGBTQ community, and women?

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Sachin Pariyar, a nine-year kid from a rural part of Nepal, comes from a financially backward community. He had to drop school in the second standard because his parents couldn’t afford education. Even at the early stage of life, this kid has a sense of humor, and he sings beautifully…

Do your best and let angels do the rest

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I thought Santa Claus doesn’t exist, but I was wrong. When I was a child, I recognized those faces in the church dressed in red with a hat and pretending to be Santa Claus. They would come during Christmas service to share chocolates, to make us happy. We would then…

Smile again. Rise again.

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“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” — Dr Seuss

We smile, we cry
And we smile again.
Yes, not for the only reason.

We make promises;
we break them
and we make a few more.
Yes, not for the only reason.

If someone snatches your happiness,
Let them…

Dear Family,

It is long since we updated you about our publication.

I have updated prompt announcement on this post. We have also updated our editors.

Kindly have a look at it.

We are looking forward to read your stories.

Thank you.

Prompt updates and other announcements for Dreams and Stories for September 2021

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He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end — Ecclesiastes 3:11, The Holy Bible (NIV)

A week back I saw a Twitter post that talked about “House for…

Here is what you should expect and what you shouldn’t on Vocal media

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This article contains no affiliate link.

Vocal Media is known for organizing contests with prize money. Its prize money is huge. The most appealing part about vocal contest is contest keeps coming there.

They have contests from poetry to fiction, which is a treat for many aspiring writers.

However, to…

Travel | Photo Story

Remembering good travel from old days

Switzerland was one of my dream destinations. After arriving in France, it still took a year and a half to go outside the borders, but it was worth it. Thankfully, it has been the only instance of crossing the French border for me. I hope to travel to Geneva again.

Medium | Writing

Recapping old good days till today, here is why the path of vocal-ization may not be a fruitful strategy for the Medium community

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When I first read about Medium Writers Challenge, I was like, seriously? Has Medium changed its path of reaching new people?

Their Medium Partner Program was going fine till September 2019 (there was a small loophole which I will explain later in this post). Then for a change and wide…

Dreams and Stories prompt for July:- Updates and announcements

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Hey Family,
I hope you are doing well.

Suraj Ghimire here.

The temperature in France has risen to 35° celsius. Back home I had faced higher temperatures than this, but still this 35° celsius seems to be unbearable. …

Is there a way to repent?

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Back in 1993, Kevin Carter, a photographer, captured an image of a struggling malnourished girl. He intended to show the ground condition of malnourished children in Sudan, but people around the world widely criticized him for a well-known reason.

Even though this picture offered him an award, Kevin Carter took…

Suraj Ghimire

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