A South Asian college love story.

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I had christened Neha as Black beauty. I had a crush on her, but she is engaged. Since I knew about her committed relationship a few months back, I didn’t want to disturb her but move on. Times were changing, and I wanted to adopt this change. I wanted to dream, and I wanted to achieve a lot of unachievable goals of a realistic dream in my life. On every moment I lost, I used to make myself more determined to climb the summit I only imagined reaching.

The soul within me that loved her wasn’t ready to change. It made me feel I lost everything. My ever calm mind had asked many questions of why, why, and why? Even in this tense moment, my heart never stopped dreaming. …

The women of South Asia first showed the world about women’s possibilities as the head of government.

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The United States of America will see Kamala Harris as their first women vice-president. While Americans celebrate this feat as an achievement, I find it surprising to know that the country that set myriad history on women’s rights and the people who openly advocate worldwide about women empowerment had never seen women as head of the state.

“We cannot hope to formulate adequate development theory and policy for the majority of the world’s population who suffer from underdevelopment without first learning how their past economic and social history gave rise to their present underdevelopment.” — Andre Gunder Frank

Andre in his article The development of under-developed, compares two different societies. He further adds that the developed nations were never underdeveloped in history, but they were developing nations. So true, these two terms have tremendous differences among themselves. The countries of South Asia, especially India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, were in pitiful conditions. So were their women, but hope they carry resembles a lot with each other. …

Our Stories connects each other as a family.

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Hey All,

After a few interactions with our regular writers and editors, we have decided to change our name to Dreams & Stories.

This change in publication comes because of our hunger to reach and appeal to more audiences. “This Shall Be Our Story” is a close and personal name, but to make our theme more clear, we give our publication a new name, “Dreams & Stories.”

Nothing else has changed. We will keep posting stories that resonate with each of us.

We accept stories on Relationship, Travel, Life advice, and spirituality in any form of poetry, essay, or fiction.

We hope you continue to write in Dreams & Stories. …

You should react without delay

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I often google search my popular content to know if there are any plagiarized stories on the web. Until last month, there were none, but when an institution plagiarized one of my recently published Better Marketing posts, I was clueless. Previously in the Facebook group, I had heard writers talking about their content plagiarized by many external websites, but very few explained how to solve such issues.

The website had published my article with no modifications and no credit to me. What is worse, that particular pirated post had a higher rank on google search than the original content. I informed Medium support of the issue and also the Better Marketing editors. …

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Hey family.

Suraj here again.

It’s so long since we talked through this newsletter. I hope everything is going well in your side.

The special feature I find about the stories published in our publication is that our stories are the one that connects with every of us. Our writers, even though we are a small community have supported and shared about their writing through their dreams. I love your stories.

2020 has been a tough time for all and we hope this shall also pass. I am busy with my regular studies and I am searching for an internship. …


Free verse poem

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Among the silence, among distances,
If I love anything other than you,
My baby; they are your words;
every word you write, and those you don’t
I read them. I shall continue to read them.

I plea you. Keep on writing!
It's okay if it will be just one word.
When I look at the smiles through your words
your lips reveal to me the world you live in.
My baby,
When I look at the movement of your eyes;
they reveal to me the world you want to live in. …

I wish we can revert to the old design

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Medium released a new profile layout on the 14th of October. That evening a sub-domain for writers was one of its change-highlight. Earlier, the sub-domain was available only to Medium owned publications but now it is available to all users. On that very evening, we have lost an important feature on Medium.

One of the best features available earlier was to find an article published by a user on a definite publication.

You don’t understand? Let me explain.

My Friend Ryan Fan publishes many articles in a week. So, I may not view all of his stories. However, I don’t want to miss a post he publishes on Koinonia Publication. To find his Koinonia article, I neither need to go through his profile nor I need to google search and type “Ryan Fan Koinonia” (Google may provide, but it is complicated you know!) …

If you want to publish to a publication, you’ll have to publish for that publication

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When you’re just starting on Medium, you hear so many things about how you can publish your content. Many factors are involved in determining how your story will do, such as curation, publications where you publish your story, word count, title, imagery, etc.

After you figure all that out, you come to know about the most significant factor of them all: publishing in a large and selective publication.

There are many reasons you should do this — reaching a broader audience, and curators favoring these publications, to name a few. You might send one of your stories to them. …

You choose what you want next.

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I lost three thousand and five hundred euros in the most critical phase of my life. It was a time when my family and I needed that money most. For days, I walked in the wilderness regretting and mourning my loss. I didn’t get back this money, but I learned a valuable lesson.

Behind the scenario…

The probability of finding a student job with no knowledge of the French language in minor cities of France is almost null. As a master’s student in France, I have struggled to find a student job in the last two years. …

Poetry Sunday

Can an unknown person make your day? A Free verse poem

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Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

His phone in a table vibrates,
a Facebook status pops up
an update from a stranger.
“A morning tea and its aroma,
a delightful way to start a day
and to live again.”
He finds her beautiful, smiling
with a text of happiness;
He smiles
Ah, the Stranger is Back.

It is a connection.

He never desired her,
Neither dated nor ever talked,
but in the midst of silence
across the oceans
through waves of internet
he smiles for her,
cheers in her happiness,
and he hopes all her dream come true.

There is a silent connection.

Smile at strangers

“Some special people
needn’t connect,”
he whispers.
“They needn’t be a soulmate,
nor know any love;
no telepathy;
but with the purposes
connected by vibes.”

She is a distant stranger.

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