A letter to our children narrating the story of our Nepali arranged marriage

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The Story of our arranged marriage — our marriage day picture.

Dear Children,

While I sketch this letter, you are merely limited in our thoughts. Even though you are in our future planning, I decided to write you something. I hope this letter finds you well wherever you are. We pray that our Almighty will keep you safe for years to come.

While you grow up in the future, you may be astounded to see unusual wedding pictures of your parents. You might be curious about how we actually met? Under what conditions we got married? Let me tell you the story of our arranged marriage.

Yes, you read it correctly. …

You should react without delay

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Image: Canva

I often google search my popular content to know if there are any plagiarized stories on the web. Until last month, there were none, but when an institution plagiarized one of my recently published Better Marketing posts, I was clueless. Previously in the Facebook group, I had heard writers talking about their content plagiarized by many external websites, but very few explained how to solve such issues.

The website had published my article with no modifications and no credit to me. What is worse, that particular pirated post had a higher rank on google search than the original content. …

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Hey family.

Suraj here again.

It’s so long since we talked through this newsletter. I hope everything is going well in your side.

The special feature I find about the stories published in our publication is that our stories are the one that connects with every of us. Our writers, even though we are a small community have supported and shared about their writing through their dreams. I love your stories.

2020 has been a tough time for all and we hope this shall also pass. I am busy with my regular studies and I am searching for an internship. …


Suraj Ghimire

A blogger from Nepal | I write stories of a random heart that I come across | Follower of Jesus Christ | Support me paypal.me/authorsuraj

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