Keep The Faith And Never Lose Your Hope

A new star can rise anytime, and that star can be none other than you.

I write this article with so many conflicts in my mind. This article as a first newsletter on Twitter’s GetRevue is new for me. We don’t know how this platform can take over. Life can be different with a few of the people who started this sort of newsletter after six months.

A new star can rise, and it can happen unexpectedly. That star can be none other than you.

As I always say, The journey of life is not just for one mile.

I remember one of my class friends who was a college dropout. Coming back to college was never in her mind until she failed to rejuvenate her career. When every door was closed, she returned to college and found mathematics as her new passion. She had to prove herself among teachers; she had to prove herself as a daughter, and maybe she had to prove herself to her inner soul too. With time, she satisfied all constraints to graduate in mathematics.

I don’t take her academic certificates as a victory. What really is a victory is that she bounced back and understood that life is not just about one failure. You can read this story more here.

I am in the similar situation

Today while I write this story, technically, I am at the most failed stage of my life. Yes, technically a failure. I first completed my Master's from South Asian University, New Delhi, in 2012–14. There was no reason to do the second master again. I wanted to work as an Education reformer for Nepal, but I choose to enroll in college in France to get a good job because of the financial failures. I am running away from myself. I have not met my wife for almost two and half years, and my every attempt to reconcile with her has failed.

I still have hope. I want to live this life and fulfill my dreams. I want to pay my loan, and I want to travel around Nepal to build community schools that can bring reformation we need much.

I want to keep the faith and never lose hope.

I hope you too will.

Let’s leave all our disappointments, let’s live our life again.

Let’s dream again. Who knows, six months from today can bring a major change in your life. See you next week. For more, visit my Medium blog.


Suraj From Grenoble.

This newsletter was first published on GetRevue.

Follower of Jesus Christ | Data Science Student | I write stories of a random heart that I come across | Connect with me

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