Let’s Share the World we have seen

One good story can change many things. It can change our perception towards that country, people, and culture. While people and place around us can be beautiful, lack of exposure might be leading those places isolated from the world and strange for every one of us.

I propose to start a new publication here in Medium, A step to let the world be known through your eye. Share your travel experiences. Share the interaction you had with the people during your journey of life. Share your love about culture, and your passion for visiting some of your dreamlands.

Come, let us talk about the world you have visited, the place you come from, people you have interacted and yes, also about the place and culture you wish to visit in the coming future.

If you want to include yourself as writer or editor for this publication, drop a response for this post, We will add you as editor/writer so that you can enjoy the privileged to share the positivity you have experienced.

Be free to share about your tribe, your home town, and your country.

Yes, one post can change the way we see our world.

Follower of Jesus Christ | Data Science Student | I write stories of a random heart that I come across | Connect with me https://linktr.ee/authorsuraj

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