The Dark Side of Roast Videos That YouTube Doesn’t Want To Show You

Will YouTube act against viral videos targeted at children, the LGBTQ community, and women?

Suraj Ghimire, MSc


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Sachin Pariyar, a nine-year kid from a rural part of Nepal, comes from a financially backward community. He had to drop school in the second standard because his parents couldn’t afford education. Even at the early stage of life, this kid has a sense of humor, and he sings beautifully. He is funny, and he is entertaining.

A YouTube Channel that noticed Sachin gave financial support to his family while bringing his talents on social media. This followed wide national coverage, and Sachin got viral in no time. Not only YouTubers, national television also promoted him. YouTuber supported his family to start a new micro-business. Looking at his talent, a nonprofit organization in Kathmandu took his wardenship and enrolled him in a boarding school, where he restarted his education. The platform of YouTube is both boom and boon for Sachin and his family.

“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.” — John F. Kennedy

Sadly, few opportunistic creators took advantage of this situation. They trimmed and edited his original videos to make a roast video that fulfills their purpose. They combined it with doing a fake interview that was nothing other than making fun of his past videos. In simple words, the video was a bullying one.

the video screenshot taken in mid-January: Title is itself slang and abusing

One of such YouTubers is Zalan, a man with 450k+ followers. He uses interviews broadcasted on other YouTube channels and compiles to make roast videos using tiny clips. On 5th January 2021, he used Sachin’s innocence for comedy (and, of course, to generate money). His viewers found those videos funny, and they appreciated his editing skills.

Entertainment at the expense of an innocent child?

This roasted video became viral, while it deserved no place on social media platforms. It is pitiful to see the ignorance of…



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