A New Teenager In The World of Prostitution

What situation might have forced her to step in the dark world

The following video compliments my article. So it is suggested to watch it first before reading further.

While watching this video, I got reminded of a time in my hostel at South Asian University, New Delhi, India. It was almost midnight when I felt anxious because of hunger. I asked my room-mate to accompany me to the nearest street food stall. Though it was just 5 minutes away from our hostel, we have to pass through a pub (dance bar).

Growing up as a writer with a vision to work for the community and dying soul, I am learning to acknowledge the pain of humans. These days I can discover the hidden pain of a person very well by reading their ingenuous face, through fake smiles, through the voice of a person and most of the time and through the words they are writing. I am blessed to have with this gift. But this time, things were different for many of the reasons where my gift doesn’t seem working.

While my friend and I were walking, I could see not only what we usually see outside pubs but also frustrated, painful, sad and depressed hearts bargaining with their customers for a rate, an hour and the number of persons to occupy.

Even from distances, I could see, there was a deep pain inside them, with zero hope, unsecured, and painful life.

We quickly had each Indian special sandwich and returned to our hostel. On the way back, I saw something that deeply touched my heart. A girl who looked in her mid-teenage was with one of her friends who looked in her mid-twenties. Massive makeup, red lipsticks in her lips and her magnificent black dress were not enough to cover a deep, deep fear arising inside her. The adolescent girl, less than 5 feet, was holding the hand of her friend like a little girl does to her mother. On her other hand, she had a small handkerchief, tightly hold, which was showing she is trying to rid out her nervousness. None of the girls in this field will have happiness. But she was even struggling to find ‘fake smiles’ within her.

I wondered how many schools-going girls enter the world of prostitution every day?

I wonder what situation might have forced a girl in the mid-teenage step in the world of prostitution. I wonder how many schools-going girls enter (to be specific: somebody might have forced her to enter) the world of prostitution every day? I wonder if she can ever come out of this to live a sound life if she wishes to.

She was physically there, but it was like she never wanted to be in that place. Money might be the factor for which she chooses this journey, but deep pain reflected within her knew she has been cursing her for choosing this way, an irreparable loss of dignity and the premature death of her Physical body.
She might have cried a lot the day when she entered (maybe somebody her own threw her forcefully) that dark world for the first time, or maybe she might have skipped watching her face in a mirror for many days, perhaps she might have departed from faith in prayers and stopped praying since then…

I don’t want to put any more of my views. Because my words neither can give her peace, nor it can touch the heart of any man to make him change. But only want to say, Our one step to pleasure and personal satisfaction might force the other person in a sore pool filled with depression and mental trauma for the rest of life.

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