Why You Should Never Keep Your Common Password On Random Websites

My recent experience while applying for an internship

I am actively applying for Data Science Internship. LinkedIn is one source where I get to know about different job opportunities. In my recent search for a Data Science internship, I clicked an internship offer on LinkedIn. It sent me to the external site. The site asked me to create an account.

While creating an account, I normally let Chrome or Mozilla suggest a strong password. On this site, Google had suggested none. I thought there must be some wrong. So, I generated a random password and finished creating an account.

I added my resume as I thought they are an authorized portal for the particular internship I was applying for. I was wrong.

The site instead sent me to another site where I had to register again. I realized that the first site was a phishing site, and it was doing nothing but collecting my email id (and maybe the probable password).

I had heard from many of my friends that such sites are spam, and they use our email for promotional content. They can also hack our accounts associated with other sites because people are mostly used to keep common passwords.

I had seen various such strategies in daily life. But It happened to me on LinkedIn, and it was the first instance. I learned a new lesson today. You should always be careful and avoid not keeping the same password. You should be more conscious when you create an account on unknown sites.

If you have to keep common passwords in your regular account, make sure that two-step authentication is activated.

I hope next time when you register in any job portal, you will never keep your common passwords. To let the process simplify, you can let Chrome or Firefox suggest a strong password. If Chrome or Firefox doesn’t suggest a strong password in the password field, as I mentioned above, there should be some wrong in their intention. Generate a random password and apply if you have to.

Be safe.

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